World forum

World Forum “Human Education in the 3-rd Millennium”

• All around the world, education is widely proclaimed to be the central issue for society. But even in those countries, where education gets real increased attention and financial support along with control, it matters what is meant by “education” and what forces and directions it serves. Today, as scientific and technological progress are increasing exponentially, and interdependence of the globalized world is become further entrenched, one of the main contributing factors to current global problems (e.g. poverty, terrorism, pollution, climate change, human trafficking, and the displacement of populations) is not the lack of knowledge or capabilities. Rather it is the nature of people whose ‘hearts’ have not been educated. Thus the hidden curriculum of neoliberal education systems, for example, promotes short-term competitive and dry ‘economic’ mentality, that is rationally selfish and narrow minded, should be understood as now posing a great danger for humanity.

• There is a need to discuss education in the modern world, in the face of many problems. To inquire into the nature of these problems in more detail, and to create appropriate reforms for education to address these, requires engaging with a broad range of perspectives from across the globe, including West and East and the often overlooked South, escaping an approach of standardization, but bearing in mind the different historical and theoretical perspectives and contexts of different traditions in which education practices have been thought about and developed.

• Current national education systems are typically shaped by capitalistic market values, which in turn, lead to exasperating alienation, poverty, social injustice and exclusion across the globe. Philosophers, sociologists, and other specialists in education try to comprehend these processes and work out ideas and suggest responses. Hence, the main foundation of the proposed Forum will be the philosophy of education in order to clarify the problems of education and educational policies, and to clearly articulate and philosophically justify possible solutions to these problems.

• Rapid global changes affect the identity of being humans (i.e. who human beings are and how we ought to live) and therefore, we must constantly raise questions concerning the kind of world we are building together. Through such philosophical inquiry we will be seeking to establish common understandings of what are the proper human dimensions, especially in terms of posthuman perspectives.

• It is essential to achieve a state in which the values which are important for human flourishing, however they are identified and expressed in local contexts, with the differences in terms of gender, race, and social strata, are emphasized in policies and practices of education.

• The specific content of the Forum (topics of sections, workshops) will be determined, starting from the Initial roundtable conference.

• The range of participants should include philosophers, scholars, politicians of education, teachers, faculties, educational NGO’s members, representing all continents, diverse cultural regions, many countries, different philosophical and scientific directions, various pedagogical movements.