Key Participants of the Round Table Conference

Key Participants of the Round Table Conference


Keynote speakers, participants of the Initial Roundtable conference


Special keynote participant – 

 H.H. the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso


Ethics for the new millenium 

The Ethic of Compassion.

Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World

Universe in a Single Atom : The Convergence of Science and Spirituality. 


Meenakshi Thapan, (University of Delhi, India)

Professor of Sociology and Director, Delhi School of Economics, and Co-ordinator of the  D.S. Kothari Centre for Science, Ethics and Education, University of Delhiю a Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation (India) since 2012.  


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Poonam Batra (University of Delhi, India)

Professor, Department of Education, University of Delhi


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Batra, Poonam (Ed) (2010) Social Science Learning in Schools: Perspective and Challenges, Sage Publications, New Delhi.


Meenakshi Gopinath (WISCOMP, Delhi,  India)

Educationist, Founder and Director of Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP), an initiative that seeks to promote the leadership of South Asian women in the areas of peace, security and regional cooperation. She is also Principal Emerita of Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi and Chair, Board of Governors, Center for Policy Research, New Delhi. She was the first woman to serve as member of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) of India. A member of multi-track peace initiatives in the South Asian region, Meenakshi’s work and publications focus on the intersection of Gender, Security, Peacebuilding and Education. She has received several awards for her work on women’s education, empowerment, and Education for Peace. She is a recipient of the Padma Shri Award, Mahila Shiromani Award, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi Award, Celebrating Womanhood South Asian Recognition Award among others.  She serves on the Boards of several national and international Think-Tanks, NGOs and educational institutions.


Christoph Wulf (Berlin, Germany)

In 1972 he founded the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association,  later he founded the commissions Education Research with the Third World and Pedagogical Anthropology (German Society of Educational Research). He was a member of the board of trustees of the German Society for Peace and Conflict Research) In 2008 he was elected to the position of Vice President of the German UNESCO Commission. etc.


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(2014) Images of the Human Being. Performative and imaginary foundation of Culture

(2015) [with Isabel Gil] Hazardous Future. Disaster, Representation and the Assessment of Risk

(2016) Exploring Alterity in a Globalized World

(2017) [et al.] Global Youth in Digital Trajectories

(2019) [with Resina] Repetition, Recurrence and Returns


Krassimir  Stojanov (University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Eichstaett, Germany)   

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt


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Walter Omar Kohan (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Full Professor of Philosophy of Education. Senior Researcher of the National Council of Scientific and Technologic Development (CNPQ, Brazil) and of the Foundation of Support of Research of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ, Brazil). Actual Director of the Center of Studies in Philosophy and Childhood (State University of Rio de Janeiro, since 2003: President (1999-2001) and member of the Advisory Board of the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children  (ICPIC, since 2002). 

(2003) Childhood. Between education and philosophy. (in Portuguese)

(2008) Infancia. Philosophy: the paradox of learning and teaching (in Spanish)

(2009) Socrates. The enigma of teaching (in Spanish)

(2013) The master inventor: Simón Rodríguez (in Portuguese)

(2013) The public school bets on thought (in Spanish)

(2014) Philosophy and Childhood: Critical Perspectives and Affirmative Practices. 

(2015) Childhood, education and philosophy: new ideas for an old relationship 

(2015) The inventive Schoolmaster 


Renato Huarte (Universidad Nacional Autуnoma de Mexico, Mexico)éllar

Professor of Philosophy of Education. President of the Latin American Society of Philosophy of Education. Member of Advisory Board of the International Network of Philosophers of 


(2018) Dialogue: Buber’s philosophy of education revisited.    CHAPTER in: International Handbook of philosophy of education

(2012)  Kant and Herbart: two visions of Pedagogy as a science between the 18th and 19th centuries (in Spanish)

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(2008) The pedagogical tradition of Kant, Herbart, Dilthey and Natorp: discussions on pedagogy as a science (in Spanish)

(2016) Violence and education. Five philosophical approaches (in Spanish)


Timo Airaksinen  (University of Helsinki, Finland) 

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at University of Helsinki. Former   Chair of the Department of   Social and Moral Philosophy at University of Helsinki. Former Vice-president of the International Berkeley Society.

(2018) Naturaleza y teoria politica: Natural state and politcal theory.   [Chapter] in: Buenos Aires: Editoria de la Facultad de Filosofia e Letras 

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(2014) Robot Desires – [Chapter] in:  A Treatise on Good Robots.

(2011) Soft and almost invisible power: Westermarck to Foucault –  [Chapter] in: Secular Ethical Education


Randall Curren (University of Rochester,  USA) 

Chair of the Department of Philosophy.


(2017) Living Well Now and in the Future. Why Sustainability Matters [Randall Curren and Ellen Metzger]

(2018) Patriotic Education in a Global Age [Randall Curren & Charles Dorn]

(2000) Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education


John A. Weaver (Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, USA)

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading, College of Education


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Bob Lingard (University of Queensland, Australia) 

Emeritus Professor School of Education


 (2016) Globalizing educational accountabilities; 

(2008) Boys and schooling: beyond structural reform  

 (2014) Politics, policies and pedagogies in education: the selected works; 

 (2003) Leading Learning: Making Hope Practical in Schools (Professional Learning)

 (2009) Globalizing Education Policy


Scott Webster (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)

Associate Professor of Education 


(2009) Educating for meaningful lives : through existential spirituality

(2017) Making the unbearable bearable through existential spirituality - [Chapter] in: Multiculturalism and the convergence of faith and practical wisdom in modern society

(2016) Existential individual alone within Freire's sociopolitical solidarity - [Chapter] in: 

Encyclopedia of educational philosophy and theory

(2012) Educating the person for democratic participation – [Chapter] in: Surviving economic crises through education


Nirmala Rao (Asian University for women, Chittagony, Bangladesh)

Vice chancellor Asian University for women in Chittagony, Bangladesh.

Former  Pro-Director of the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. 

Elected  Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences, UK.

For  her services to scholarship she was appointed an Officer of OBE (the Order of the British Empire) in  2011.


(2014) Reshaping City Governance: London, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad.  Routledge

(2012) Strong Leadership and Local Democracy: Rivals or Potential Allies? [Chapter] In book: Renewal in European local democracies: Puzzles, dilemmas and options 

(2008) Local Government  [Chapter]  In book: Britain Since 1945 

(2000) The Changing Context of Representation  [Chapter]  In book: Representation and Community in Western Democracies


Andrew Wilkins (University of East London, UK)

Reader in Education in the Cass School of Education and Communities at the University of East London.


Education Governance and Social Theory (Bloomsbury 2018)

Modernising School Governance (Routledge 2016)


Margarita Kozhevnikova (St. Petersbourg, Russia) – DPhil,  Head Research Laboratory of social support of the personality, Institute of Pedagogy, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. St. Petersburg, Russia

The coordinator of the Initiative group of the project “Human education in the 3rd millennium” 


(2016) Desire in Buddhism and the concept of "Child people” and "True adults” [Chapter] in: Desire: The Concept and Its Practical Context. 

(2015) The horizons of a new sociality in education [Ed., chapters] (In Russian)

(2014) The teacher with oneself. [Ed., chapters] (In Russian)  

(2014) Teaching. The Buddhist Tradition of Philosophy of Education. (In Russian)

(2011) Education of man. Philosophy of Education: the Seminar. [Ed., chapters] (In Russian)