World Forum 2020

World Forum 2020

 World Forum

"Human Education in the 3rd Millennium"

 Delhi, India

 It was decided that due to COVID-19, the forum is postponed 

Currently, from the end of 2021, the form of the Forum has been transformed into an online version of the World Marathon Forum "Human Education in the 3rd Millennium", i.e. in a series of Regional Round tables. 







The World Forum is conceived as a global event dedicated to the discussion of educational policies, educational ideals and paradigm.  It aims to facilitate the consolidation of efforts of specialists from all over the world who are concerned about the current state of education and see the necessity to counter the negative impacts of limited curricula, short-term and competitive approaches to education especially regarding human flourishing and the improvement of human societies. The World Forum seeks to develop a collective  understanding of ideas and formulations that would be included in the text of the future globally relevant Declaration on Education.

The planned number of invited participants is 250 people. The main thematic sections of the Forum cover four main themes: Educational Policy; Being Human; Democracy and Education Practices.

The program of the Forum will include plenaries, section discussions and sessions in small groups, conducted through specially organized methods of interaction. Prominent figures, authors of enlightening visions of human nature, Educational Policy; Democracy and Education Practices will make keynote addresses in plenaries. Discussions on particular topics will occur in sections and small groups that will be moderated by leading experts and general moderators.

Conceptual background of the World Forum

  • All around the world, education is widely proclaimed to be a key issue for society.  Even in countries where schooling is well resourced, there are questions as to whether they are really providing “education” and concerns regarding who appears to benefit most and who benefits least from such systems?   
  • As scientific and technological progress are increasing exponentially, and interdependence of the globalized world is become further entrenched, schooling is able to be enriched through knowledge and capabilities.  However, the main challenge affecting current global problems does not relate to knowledge and capabilities, but to the nature of people whose ‘hearts’, values and character have not been suitably cultivated through education.
  • Currently students are being encouraged to be solely motivated for personal economic but short-term gains through the hidden curriculum of educational policies which are largely influenced by neoliberal ideology.
  • There is therefore a need to rigorously explore how ‘education’ might be understood and practiced in the modern world, enabling graduates to have the ‘hearts’ to better engage with a broad range of perspectives, ideals and values from across the globe, including West and East as well as the often overlooked South. We will aim to avoid prescriptive and standardized approaches, bearing in mind the different historical and theoretical perspectives and traditions expressed in local contexts.
  • Rapid global changes affect the identity of being human (i.e. who human beings are and how we ought to live) and therefore, we must constantly raise questions concerning the kind of world we are building together. 
  • The foundation of the Forum will draw upon the philosophy of education and interdisciplinary thinking, that reconsiders our understandings of being human, determining the renewal, direction and agenda of human education. Through such an inquiry we will be seeking to establish common understandings and values which identify the most important human dimensions of education, especially in terms of posthuman perspectives.
  • The  range of participants will include philosophers, scholars, teachers, faculties, policy-makers of education, educational NGO’s members, representing all continents, diverse cultural regions from most if not all countries.




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