Human Education in the 3rd millennium


Human Education in the 3rd millennium
10-13 December, 2020

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Human Education in the 3rd millennium

The project began with several philosophers of education from different countries coming together, who shared concerns regarding the dehumanizing trends and ‘homo economicus’ mentality in educational policies and practice



World Forum

"Human Education in the 3rd Millennium"

Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Greater Delhi, (NCR)

It was decided that due to COVID-19, the forum is postponed to 2022


The World Forum is conceived as a global event of academic significance, collective intellectual sharing and professional strategic decision-making. The immediate purpose of the Forum is to discuss education policy, educational aims, ideals and paradigms and to consolidate the work of international scholars across the world who are concerned about the current state of education, the trajectory it has taken; and feel strongly, the necessity to counter the negative impacts of narrow minded and short-term competitive approaches seen to have detrimental effects on human societies and the environment. 

The World Forum aims to develop a collective and deep understanding of ideas and formulations for the future globally relevant Declaration on Education - “Declaration on Human education in the 3rd millennium”, to be tentatively adopted in 2021.

The expected number of invited participants is 250. The Forum aims to cover the four main themes of: Educational Policy; Being Human; Democracy; and Pedagogy.

We invite all colleagues to propose topics on the four main themes and to pre-register on the website of the project. The planned start time for accepting applications and registration due to coronavirus is postponed. The date will be determined and announced later.



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