Human Education in the 3rd millennium

The Initiative strives to develop the collective vision on how to re-imagine education and address gaps in educational arrangements, focusing on the new sense of becoming a human needed for the Third millennium.

We believe that renewal of educational values can be achieved through critical rethinking of human education and its long-term impact, and by developing constructive ideas and proposals that are most relevant for the globalized world of the Third Millennium.

This is education on human responsibility for Life, Nature and all species on this planet, as well as education on friendship, love, collectivism and ethics, coexistence in society, democracy and criticality.

International Initiative “Human Education in the Third Millennium” was launched in 2018 by educators from different parts of the world.

In 2019 Round Table Conference was held in Dharamsala, India, bringing together education philosophers from 10 countries with the participation of the Dalai Lama, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. It identified the significant challenges facing education and defined next steps. The conclusions were summarized in the Memorandum.

Following the Conference, the book Humanising Education in the 3rd Millennium was published by Springer. Drawing on thinking of participants and the main theses of the conference, the International Drafting Committee compiled the draft Declaration. It thoroughly discussed during Regional Round Tables (2021-2023), held in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and Oceania, after which the extended Committee comprised of members from all over the world worked together on finalizing the text.

As a result, the Declaration represents the views and hopes of a larger body of educationalists, thinkers, and practitioners from 79 countries on how to reimagine education and address major shortcomings of the prevailing educational arrangements.

Global Forum “Re-imagining the Education of Humanity for the Third Millennium” will take place during 13-15 February 2025 in Azim Premji University (Bangalore, India). THe World Forum aims at gaining collective and deeper understanding of ideas of the globally relevant Declaration and the ways of its implementation. The range of participants will include philosophers, scholars, teachers, faculties, policy-makers of education, educational NGO’s members, representing diverse cultural regions from all inhabited continents.